We are here to do as we say and celebrate the wonders of the big screen and all that lies behind these infamous flickering images. Everyone’s knowledge of film is unique and individual so join us on our journey to hear from a collection of diverse voices, both in the film industry and those who watch it.

Hugo Emmerzael

“I’m a film critic, curator and musician based in Amsterdam. I’m an editor for Dutch independent cinema magazine De Filmkrant and curator for CinemAsia Film Festival and Netherlands Film Festival. My writings have appeared on MUBI Notebook, Senses of Cinema, VPRO Gids and Electric Ghost Magazine. I’m equally inspired by Sergei Parajanov and DJ Rashad. My dream double bill would be Miami Vice (2006) and The New World (2005).”

Kiriko Mechanicus

“I’m a documentary filmmaker, culinary journalist and sentimental diva. I write for Dutch news outlets such as Brandpunt+, Vice, Oerol Dagkrant, The Quick and the Brave magazine and I am a frequent guest at current affairs podcast ‘Dit Wil Je Weten’. I make documentaries about divergent topics, from trying to understand why girls enjoy crying in vlogs, to the origin quest of two Japanese statues in the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands. My sweet spot is where painful reality meets all things plastic fantastic.”

Tom Ooms

“I’m the Head Of Programming and Marketing of independent cinema LAB111. A wayward cult cinema in the heart of Amsterdam which focusses on the cultivation of film culture through a curated program of (modern) classics. I’m the co-founder of De Cineville Filmquiz, the largest, nationwide filmquiz event series in the Netherlands. I’ve directed music videos, released music, toured the world and written both articles and short stories for various magazines. A firm believer of blurring the boundaries between high- and low brow.”

Elliot Bloom

“I am a podcast producer for LAB111. Originally from the grave lands of the UK, I now teach film at the University of Amsterdam, focusing on the resurgence of Afro-surrealism in film, as well as writing for various journals and websites including Senses of Cinema & So The Theory Goes.”