We are back in business! Cinemas have finally reopened and we are here to celebrate. 4 proclaimed cinephiles and yet only one of us has enjoyed the grand reopening. We have our first casualty already caught up in the summer blockbuster heatwave. Join us as we revel in all the glories cinemas have to offer now they are finally open again! Tell us what has made cinemas reopening so special to you – celebratingcinema@lab111.nl

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We will discuss everything food has to offer in cinema. What does food and the act of eating reveal about cinematic characters? Why are we often so mesmerised by those eating on screen, desiring the very food that they are consuming? Join us for a very tasteful discussion. WARNING – Do Not Listen While Hungry!

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The sophomore directorial effort from ill-fated Japanese filmmaker Juzo Itami, Tampopo is an off-beat comedy featuring several intersecting stories all related to food. Tsutomu Yamazaki plays Goro, a truck driver who helps a young widow named Tampopo (Nobuko Miyamoto) improve her noodle restaurant. Over the course of the film, the story drifts around, not only following the stories of Tampopo, her son, and Goro, but also a number of customers who come through the diner, including an old woman (Izumi Hara) who insists on squeezing the cheese at a market and a criminal (Ken Watanabe) with a food-based kink. Tampopo was nominated for Best Foreign Film at the 1988 Independent Spirit Awards.

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