Here to discuss the mesmerising nature of volcanoes captured through the lens of Katia & Maurice Krafft, director Sara Dosa joins us for a candid talk about her latest documentary Fire of Love (2022). From a treasure trove of 200 hours worth of archival footage, Sara shares why she crafted a love story not only between two French volcanologists but also their life’s work – volcanoes. Find out why volcanoes should be seen as something spiritual and what it means to live a meaningful life from these tales of love.

Our Guest

Sara Dosa is an American documentary director and producer whose works have received Emmy and Independent Spirit Award nominations and a Peabody win. Her directing work focuses on the human relationship with non-human nature, often exploring themes of interconnection, myth, ecology and economy told through personal character stories. Dosa’s first feature as a director, the Indie-Spirited Award nominated “The Last Season”, tells the story of two former soldiers turned wild mushroom hunters who discover and build upon an unexpected bond in the middle of the Oregon woods. Dosa’s “The Seer & The Unseen,” premiered in 2019, winning awards at a number of festivals, including the McBaine Bay Area Documentary Prize at its SFIFF premiere and Best Foreign Documentary at the Oslo Independent Film Festival.

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Films mentioned

  • Fire of Love (Sara Dosa, 2022)
  • The Seer and the Unseen (Sara Dosa, 2019)
  • The Rhythm of the Earth (1995)

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