Have you ever wondered what made French director Jean-Luc Godard so great? Or did you never quite understand what exactly the ‘French Nouvelle Vague’ was? Well in true Godard-fashion, this is a real jump-cut style episode that untangles the life of a film genius. From his greatness to some ugly truths, this is a true ode to both a director and period of film that forever changed cinema.

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Often described as the grimmest of all Hollywood film noirs, Nightmare Alley’s reputation as a cult classic reached near-mythical status due to a decades-long dispute between the film’s producer and studio Fox, which prevented it from being screened anywhere. With the conflict resolved, Nightmare Alley can finally be re-discovered in a stunning 4K restoration celebrating its 75th anniversary as one of the most darkly sophisticated noirs of the period. In celebration of our current programme Tales from Nightmare Alley, a selection of more than 15 (!) film-noir classics, we take a dive down memory lane and discuss an iconic moment in Hollywood history.

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