For this edition of Future Frames, you can hear from our rising filmmakers who we’ll be screening at Volk’s Hotel Sunday Shorts on 10th Dec. You can buy tickets here.

Rafik Opti is a filmmaker fascinated by playing with reality & the beauty they can find with their camera out on the streets. Candidly chatting with friend & host Kiriko, Rafik shares how the influences of joyous films like Step Up and She’s The Man as well as music videos like Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation gave them the freedom to be their self. With a desire to extend the legacy of TV series Pose & seminal film Paris Is Burning, and create more images of queer liberation & independence, Rafik focuses on the intersections of Black bodies in public spaces, shedding light on the collective experiences of Black trans and queer individuals, celebrating their universal journey.

Watch Black Joy Chapter One, at Volks Hotel on 10 Dec. A captivating short film, serving as the prequel to the acclaimed “Black Joy (Blaka Koloku).” Follow filmmaker Rafik as they venture into the heart of Amsterdam for the first time, unveiling the beauty in life’s simplest moments.

You can also watch Rafik’s Black Joy here.

Films mentioned

(click on the links for tickets to screenings at LAB111)

  • Step Up (Anne Fletcher, 2006)
  • Grease (Randal Kleiser, 1978)
  • She’s The Man (Andy Fickman, 2006)
  • Bend It Like Beckham (Gurinder Chadha, 2002)
  • Pose (Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Steven Canals, 2018-2021)
  • Paris Is Burning (Jennie Livingston, 1999)
  • Amsterdam Global Village (Johan van der Keuken, 1996)

Our hosts

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