If a loved-one decided they had enough of life and wanted it to come to an end, how would you respond? Director, Floor van der Meulen joins Elliot to explore her fictional feature debut Pink Moon that asks this very question of its audience. In this candid discussion, Floor and Elliot unpack the roots of desire for a self-determined death, is it a reflection of a disconnected and lonely society? With previous experience in documentary filmmaking, Floor explains what it’s like switching between the two forms of cinema and why she enjoys experimenting with both.

Our Guest

Floor van der Meulen is a filmmaker who graduated from Willem de Kooning in 2012. Since then, Floor has gone on to direct various documentaries including 9 days: From My Window in Aleppo (2016) and Last Male Standing (2019). Pink Moon (2022) is her fictional feature debut.

Films mentioned

  • Pink Moon (Floor van der Meulen, 2022)

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