As part of our new partnership with Mubi, we had the exclusive chance to speak with Artist-turned-filmmaker Amalia Ulman about her feature debut El Planeta. This dark comedy, set in Amalia’s childhood town Gijon, is a fresh twist on the precarious economic conditions the working-class can find themselves in. In this candid interview Amalia shares what it was like to make her first film, co-starring with her mother, and why her work across different mediums is so narrative driven. 

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Our Guest

Amalia Ulman (born 1989) is an Argentinian acclaimed artist and film director based in New York City whose practice includes performanceinstallationvideo and net-art works. Her work deals with issues of class, gender, sexuality, and middlebrow aesthetics.[1][2][3] In 2021, Ulman made her feature film debut, with El Planeta.

Partnership with MUBI

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with MUBI, a curated streaming platform. You can watch Amalia Ulman’s feature debut El Planeta (2021) now on MUBI. Enjoy 30 days free of hand-picked films discussed in the ongoing podcast series, a LAB111 podcast celebrating the intricate wonders of cinema.

Films mentioned

  • El Planeta (Amalia Ulman, 2021)
  • Girls Always Happy (Yang Mingming, 2018)

Our hosts

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